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Rug Trends that will rule 2017

Rug market is continually expanding and with its rapid growth, the styles, colors, trends, and patterns of rugs are also changing. New rug patterns have the ability to dramatically modify the appearance of any interior settings and give a new dimension to it. The rich assortment of designs stimulates senses and the aesthetic patterns of rugs give a beautiful compliment to any space.


Following are Rug trends that could dominate in 2017:

Metallic Rugs:


This type of rug creates a staggering point of convergence in any room of the house. Rugs with any type of metal, from glints or silver or gold to anything you can envision, are genuine masterpieces. Metallic patterns are not just found in a particular sort of rug, rather they are incorporated into rugs with any material. In this way, you’ll see them from solid colored to shaggy carpets, which makes this pattern far reaching and thus ideal for the cutting edge home.

Shaggy Rugs with Traditionally-Inspired Designs:


2016 was all about keeping things as basic as they could be kept. But this year we can expect more texture in the rug’s heap and, obviously, color. In the far off past, hues, for example, purple and gold were extremely famous. It appears that they are having a solid rebound and will be observed in numerous rugs. With regards to surface, the darling shaggy rugs that were in vogue in the 70s will at the end of the day, give an extravagant, comfortable vibe to many homes.

Rugs with Natural Designs:


If traditional rugs are excessively colorful for you and you want something with more neutral shades then you will presumably like the rugs with natural pattern. The designs are taken from nature or real world and are available in different types of fabrics and styles, be it hand-tied or contemporary. With more neutral hues (i.e. beige, ivory, and brown) in the room, the decor will look class apart.


The days when we would utilize enormous rugs to cover the whole floor are gone. This year we would see interior decorators separating huge rooms into smaller segments with the utilization of small sized rugs.


How to Choose the Perfect Shaped Mirror for your Bedroom


Mirror adds a new dimension to decor of any space. It even creates an illusion of extra space in your room and makes it seem larger. By choosing the right shape and size of mirror, you can add a perfect finishing to your bedroom decor. There are some basic factors that you should consider while selecting a mirror for your bedroom, the shape being one of the most important among them. Let us discuss some popular mirror shapes for your bedroom decor.

Square Mirrors

Square shaped mirrors are usually medium sized mirrors, which can easily be fit into any room. These mirrors give your bedroom a touch of class apart from providing utility. You can also pair two square shaped mirrors together and place them above a table to create an amazing bedroom decor.

Rectangular Mirrors

Unlike square mirrors, rectangular mirrors come in a variety of sizes. These mirrors are long and slim, and add a stylish touch to your bedroom walls. If you place large rectangular mirrors on the wall, they can change the overall appearance of your room in a dramatic way. Rectangular mirrors will help your room appear bigger than its actual size.

Circular Mirrors

Circular mirrors too are available in various sizes. However, a smaller circular mirror can accent your bedroom more beautifully than a bigger one. Many of these circular mirrors are incorporated with intricate frames. These frames are way bigger than the actual size of the mirror, creating a perfect aura into your bedroom.

Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors are undeniably the most eye-catching ones in the niche of shaped mirrors. These mirrors endow a classic look to your bedroom. If you hang an oval mirror with an attractive frame above your vanity table, it will add a rustic charm to the overall bedroom decor.

At, you can buy mirrors in various shapes and sizes at the incredible prices.

Ways to Style a Rug in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one such place in any home, which faces constant movement of the family members from dawn to dusk. The kitchen floor might be too hard for your feet so placing a rug in your kitchen will offer an inviting feel while also protecting your floor from high foot traffic, spills and daily hustle bustle.

Irrespective of what type of kitchen floor you have, whether linoleum, tile or hardwood, a kitchen rug successfully adds texture, style and color to your kitchen space. Offering the perfect cushioning to your floor, area rugs also give you the advantages of noise reduction. Follow these tips to ensure you pick the perfect kitchen rug to suit your specific tastes.

1. Complement colors:
For a delicate and pleasing look, choose a rug with those color tones, which complement the already existing elements in kitchen. The rug can either complement the cabinets or the stainless steel appliances, which will create a cohesive look in the smaller space. For instance, if you want to brighten your neutral kitchen with colors then placing the colorful rug wither in front of sink or beneath your kitchen table offers a great way to transform your kitchen with just a single floor accessory.


2. Go for weave type:
If your kitchen faces a lot of foot traffic and action, flat weave rugs are the perfect choice for you as flat weave rugs are beautiful and can also handle the foot traffic. These rugs are also very easy to clean as they are available in cotton or easy-care fibers. In case you have tiles in your kitchen then prefer to place a high-pile rug right under the kitchen table or walkways. A thicker rug in a kitchen is also going to provide extra cushioning under foot and will reduce noise too.


3. Runners are not only for hallways:
In a kitchen with long and narrow path, an extra-long runner will be a great choice as it will connect all the important components of the kitchen. The runners provide a soft cushioning underfoot, whether you are washing utensils in sink or cooking at the stove.


4. Consider easy cleaning:
It is essential to choose that rug for your kitchen, which is easy to clean. Flat weave rugs are a practical option as they are machine- washable. Also, natural fiber rugs like sisal, jute or bamboo are easily washable by hand with water and soap and are strong enough to handle daily traffic. If you give more importance to cushioning under feet then wool rugs will work best for you. As wool is naturally resistant to water and stains, it holds up well against spills.


5. Allow patterns to play with each other:
Do you have bold tiles or flooring in your kitchen? Do not hesitate to add more patterns and add a rug with geometric tones, which will warm up the space and will add fun to your kitchen flooring too.


6. Think about safety:
In case you have slippery flooring like tiles on your kitchen floor, there are many options, which can prevent slip and fall accidents. Choose a rug with a non-slip backing so that the rug stays in place even at the time of heavy foot traffic. You can also choose a rug pad that will keep rugs in place but for more safety you should choose a non-slip rug pad. Choosing any type of rug pad will reduce noise, wear and tear and will add extra comfort.


Finding a perfect kitchen rug will give your kitchen the inviting feel of a gathering space while protecting floors from high foot traffic. Your kitchen is a frequently visited place and should be given as much importance as other rooms in the house while choosing rugs and other accessories.

Ways to Decorate Your Home with Poufs


Poufs are standing out as truly newsworthy in the realm of design and with a lot of justifiable reasons. For starters, the poufs are magnificently flexible and simple to execute in the home. Poufs are slick and can be used both singly and in multiples. It is a fun way to add texture and pattern to a room. Since they are easily portable and versatile, one does not need to worry over moving them from one place to another and scratching the floor. Listed below are some of the ways to decorate your home with poufs in an elegant way.



  • Poufs in front of chairs and sofas: You can use the designer poufs in place of a table by just adding a tray on the top to rest snacks and refreshments. Decorating the living room with a textured pouf near a sofa accents the room by adding a new charm to the space.



  • Poufs underneath a sofa table or console: Generally, we fail to look for free spaces to place our home decor items. Poufs add an advantage here, as these could be placed underneath a table in the passage or lounge room. They include a visual intrigue and could be hauled out immediately when visitors arrive.



  • Aside the foot of the bed: A pouf near the bed is ideal for sprucing up the room and dressing up yourself. One pouf near a twin bed and two near a king size bed are perfect to add charm to the home decor.
  • In the home office: The pouf in a home office works best when you need an extra display. Keeping a pouf close to your work area and reading materials provides an ease of access to the things.
  • In the lawns: Placing your pouf in front of a chair in lawns accents your outdoors and lifts your feet up while you comfort yourself on a chair.


The poufs are a great way to accent your homes. All you need to do is broaden up your creative thinking to decorate your indoors. The poufs come in various designs, patterns and textures and serve a great purpose to change your home styling.


Some Trending Pillow Designs for Your Sweet Home

Beautiful pillow designs are a sure way of uplifting any home decor. When a new group of fabrics and colors are added to the rooms, it effortlessly gives a refreshing feel to the space. The throw pillows are not only available in a number of designs and colors, but also in a wide range of fabric, detailing, and sizes. Here, we present to you a detailed guide, which will acquaint you with the trending pillows designs to choose for your well-designed home. We will also help you to narrow down to the perfect pillow design from a huge and irresistible collection of throw pillows. Let us first detail a few important things that you should keep in mind before buying a throw pillow:

1. Symmetrical arrangement

When you have a number of layering in your rooms for couch, bed sheet, or curtains, you need to shoot for a symmetrical design for the throw pillows too. With different fabrics on top of each other, it would be logical to choose an even design that keeps things looking more organized and refined.

2. A combination of prints

Instead of having a set of Decorative Pillows with similar prints, pick a set of different prints like one simple print, one busy print, and one solid. The busy print should be on the largest pillow, or the one at the front or center. This alignment is preferred usually because the busy or large print sets the tone for the pillow arrangement as well as the entire room decor. Strips and plaids work incredibly well for small print designs.

3. Keep the inside pillows smaller

The visual view of pillow set on sofa with larger pillows on the far ends and smaller pillows on the inside look good. It makes a better sense to add the large (22″ or 24″) on the sides where you don’t need to move the pillow out of the way. Also, a small pillow (12″ ×20) at the center would make the sofa more spacious.

4. Choose the comfortable one

Although the pillows fall under the decor theme, they should also be comfortable to use. You don’t need to pick a pillow that is as soft as a bag of marshmallows, or the one that is packed up to the gills. Just buy something that simply suits your lifestyle.
Since you know the basics now, it’s time to see through the trending fabrics we have gathered for you. There are plenty of options to choose from, consider whichever you like the most.

Daring solids

If your room is full of pattern work like a patterned sofa or detailed print curtains or an interesting rug, you can easily choose a pillow with bold solid colors. This also gives you a chance to use your favorite vibrant color in the throw pillow, which you could not use in the other furnishings like sofa or club chairs.

Three patterns, one color

If you want to arrange the same color in different styles of pillows, pick three fabrics and bind them in your color palette. We have used a feminine floral print in the center and balanced the color of the sofa with velvet pillows in the corner and plait pillows in the middle.

Neutral and warm colors

Keeping the design simple and sober is a decent choice of decor. However, you can always bring a little texture to the neutral color palette by combining two prints in the arrangement. The busy print in Leo brown fabric and the larger buffalo check print in a taupe color gets finally compiled with a solid chocolate brown linen pillow with a contrasting finish.

Simple and fresh with parallel shades

These shades are different; still they have the quieter and softer illustration. For the sofa above, we have chosen the pink and orange colors. Despite of being next to each other on the color wheel, they make up a great pair and complement each other. The small stripes in orange at the center are followed by larger off-white pillows with orange design and two solid color pillows.

When solids give a finish look

We have seen enough designs with a printed pillow at the center along with simpler patterns on the two sides. But, this decor technique that features a solid pillow in a prominent color acting as an explanation point on the sofa set, looks lovely. It is actually worth observing how the blue solid pillow used at the right place establishes a perfect match with the different prints.

Let’s talk inserts

Just like the filling in the sofa is important, same goes for the throw pillows as well. It differs in accordance with your requirements. For instance, you won’t like an all foam sofa if you wish to use it for your priceless short nap. You can use the ideal combination of inserts that is 95% feathers and 5% down. Also, if you want a fuller pillow, size up your insert. Take 22″ insert for a pillow size of 20″.
We hope by now you know a lot about mixing patterns and colors, and are ready to choose the best throw pillows for your home. At, the fashionable collection features a number of styles, ranging from the exclusive ones for big living rooms to the casual pillows with beautiful prints and patterns. Choose your next favorite pillow today.