Rug Trends that will rule 2017

Rug market is continually expanding and with its rapid growth, the styles, colors, trends, and patterns of rugs are also changing. New rug patterns have the ability to dramatically modify the appearance of any interior settings and give a new dimension to it. The rich assortment of designs stimulates senses and the aesthetic patterns of rugs give a beautiful compliment to any space.


Following are Rug trends that could dominate in 2017:

Metallic Rugs:


This type of rug creates a staggering point of convergence in any room of the house. Rugs with any type of metal, from glints or silver or gold to anything you can envision, are genuine masterpieces. Metallic patterns are not just found in a particular sort of rug, rather they are incorporated into rugs with any material. In this way, you’ll see them from solid colored to shaggy carpets, which makes this pattern far reaching and thus ideal for the cutting edge home.

Shaggy Rugs with Traditionally-Inspired Designs:


2016 was all about keeping things as basic as they could be kept. But this year we can expect more texture in the rug’s heap and, obviously, color. In the far off past, hues, for example, purple and gold were extremely famous. It appears that they are having a solid rebound and will be observed in numerous rugs. With regards to surface, the darling shaggy rugs that were in vogue in the 70s will at the end of the day, give an extravagant, comfortable vibe to many homes.

Rugs with Natural Designs:


If traditional rugs are excessively colorful for you and you want something with more neutral shades then you will presumably like the rugs with natural pattern. The designs are taken from nature or real world and are available in different types of fabrics and styles, be it hand-tied or contemporary. With more neutral hues (i.e. beige, ivory, and brown) in the room, the decor will look class apart.


The days when we would utilize enormous rugs to cover the whole floor are gone. This year we would see interior decorators separating huge rooms into smaller segments with the utilization of small sized rugs.


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