Styling Tricks: Pouf Arrangement in your Living Room

For extra seating in a living space, the obvious decor element that most people prefer would be ottomans, stools and poufs. Most of us know how to purchase a new pouf or ottoman, but it is not completely clear to many as to how to arrange those newly bought poufs. Should they be decked by the coffee table? Or in place of chairs? All these questions come to our mind often. If you are wondering about how to perfectly place a pouf in your living room, then here are few handy tips.


We have summed up three different types of pouf arrangements, which seem to work with many interiors and living room sizes. Find the arrangement that works best for your room.

In place of a side chair

There are several reasons why you should use a pouf in place of a side chair in the living space. This will help you in going for a bohemian look for your home. This idea also works if your living room is less on space. Use a floor cushion or a low pouf to provide seating sans blocking any traffic.

Towards the corner

Poufs or floor pillows do not always have to be incorporated into the middle of a room, or be the center of attraction. They can also be adjusted into the corner of the room. Poufs are small seating elements, which can easily fit off to the side, and is versatile enough to amp up the interior décor when needed. Place your pouf close to baskets, especially in bedrooms, so that they feel in sync with the room.

As an accessory for the sofa


You can use the pouf like a throw pillow, but not on the sofa. Either place the pouf in front of your sofa or close to it. This will help in creating a layered effect with the interiors of the room. Place the pouf in a way that it doesn’t touch the sofa. The combination would look even better, if there is a coffee table nearby.

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