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Decorative Throw Pillows: A Guide to Know Their Types

Being the most attractive home decor accessory, throw pillows have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. They add both style and functionality to your home décor and any sofa, chair or bed would look incomplete until throw pillows sit on them. You choose them and place them to add colors and patterns to your home décor but do you know that these pillows are available in a variety of types? Read below to learn about the types of throw pillows:

1.Knife Edge Pillow: This is the most common and the basic type. Basically, this type of pillow consists of two pieces of fabrics, which are sewn together around the edges to form a knife edge. These throw pillows are available in square and round shape but can also be made in a lumbar pillow to give rest to your lower back.

2. Box Pillow: Made with flat sides, a box pillow features taller edges and is made like a box. These pillows are mainly kept on chair, sofa or as back cushions when filled with a piece of foam. The sides of this pillow are either made of flat fabric or shirred fabric and it can contrast the top of pillow or can match it.

3. Bolster Pillow: Cylindrical in shape, bolster pillows come in many sizes and they either have flat ends or ends that are gathered and tied with a ribbon. They look sleek and give an elegant look to your furniture.

4. Silk Pillows: Fancy and elegant, these square throw pillows are made of silk and are very soft, perfect to highlight heavy designs and furniture, these pillows are available in a variety of colors and shades. The silk pillows can be placed anywhere in the home on bed, sofa, chair, window seat etc.

5. Toss Pillows: The name tells you everything there is to know about this category of pillows. Being small and decorative pillows, these pillows can be tossed on a bed, couch and chair or anywhere where you want to add some color. They are available in various colors and sizes.

6. Embellished Pillows: These types of pillows include fancy trims around the edges, like fringe, beading or have small decorative accessories like beading, buttons, tassels attached to the front of the pillow.

7. Sham Pillow: Equipped with a deep flanged edge, these pillows offer a quick and easy way to update your room like a new season or celebration.

Throw pillows are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors. To get the best results, just mix and match all the varieties to add pattern and color to your home.

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Beginner’s Guide: Choosing Right Rug Sizes

Right Rug Sizes

Getting the correct size of rug and its correct placement are some of the harder jobs when incorporating a rug into your home. From the foyer and living room to the bedroom and kitchen, different room settings have different rug requirements. Through this blog, we will help you pick up the perfect sized rug for your home.

Living Room

If you have a large living room with the furniture aligned towards the center of the room, a full-size rug would be a choice to go for. The rug should be big enough, so that all the furniture can come over it. However, if your furniture is closer to the wall, a medium sized rug would be better. The rug should only be big enough to hold the first two legs of the furniture. In smaller sized living rooms, a small rug can be placed towards the center of the room under the center table, with none of the legs of adjoining furniture on it.

Bedroom/Guest Room

You want your bedroom to be warm, cozy and welcoming. Rugs can absolutely make that happen, but choosing the right size is important. If you have a large bed in an even larger bedroom, a small rug would be an underwhelming addition to it. Choose an area rug that would extend all around the bed till the side tables leaving the frame and the back legs directly on the ground and the front legs on the rug. For a small bedroom, a couple of runner rugs at the sides of the bed can really do wonders.


With a lot of foot traffic and a higher risk of spill, a smaller rectangular rug or round shaped rug in a spacious kitchen is most appropriate, whereas in a narrower kitchen, a runner rug that extends across the length of the kitchen is a befitting option to go for.

In a nutshell, the trick to choosing the correct size of rug for your room is to make it proportional to the size of the room. Bigger the room, bigger the size of your rug should be. A smaller room with a big rug can divert all the attention to the rug alone. Similarly, a bigger room with a smaller rug is tad disappointing.

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