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Tips to Find the Perfect Rug for the Dining Room

Finding a dining room rug which is both stylish and practical is not an easy job. Too small rugs can mar the look of chairs and rugs while a fluffy pile can trap crumbs from the table, leading to a messy look. A good rug can bring texture, color, style and warmth to the dining area. Read on to know how to choose the right rug for your beautiful dining rugs.

1.Choose one with a big size

A dining area rug should extend at least 50-60 cm on all sides of the dining table. This will not only exude grandness but will also prevent guests from tripping over the rug while pulling out chairs. A rug with wide border is even better.

2. Pick a Short-Pile or Flat Weave Rug

In a dining room, spill are unavoidable. And the ease with which you can pull a chair, the better. Often short-pile rugs or flat weave rugs are an ideal choice for your dining areas. Save your shag rugs or other thick, fluffy rugs for living room, where they will require less maintenance.

3. Be Careful about Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs do look tempting for a dining area. With their great texture, affordable prices and classic look, natural fiber rugs, like jute, sisal and seagrass can instantly add charm to your dining spaces. However, where rugs of cotton and wool are easy to clean, these natural fiber materials can prove trickier. The key lies in the rug texture. The smoother and finer it would be, easier will be its cleaning. So be very careful while going for a natural fiber rug.


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Choosing rugs for your dining room can be tricky. On one hand you want to keep style in place and on the other hand, you want it to have all the practicality a dining rug should have, from easy maintenance to smooth walkability. This blog discusses about some pointers you should consider before zeroing on the rug for your eating area.


Ultimate Buyers Guide: Types of Ottomans

You are making a big mistake if you are using your ottoman only as a foot rest. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, an ottoman is that accessory in your house, which can be placed anywhere and can be used for endless purposes. An ottoman can be used as a footstools, coffee table, storage, and extra seating. Here is a list of ottomans, which you can use in your home to serve various purposes.

1. Standard: This very common and traditional ottoman design consists of a cushioned surface on a sturdy base. Available in square or rectangular space, the standard ottoman is made using leather, cloth or synthetic material and offers style and class.

2. Pouf: This ottoman is made of a puffed structure and can prove to be the most stylish accessory in your home. It is perfect for foot rest or as a home décor accessory and makes a stylish statement with its unique shape.

3. Cube: Offering a modular shape, cube ottomans offer multi ottomans to be arranged and stacked without any restriction. Offering hidden storage to keep your daily essentials, these ottomans are generally made of cloth or leather.

4. Square and Rectangle: Being the most common ottomans, the square ottomans offer more placement choice, while rectangular rugs offer wide surface area to sit and place your feet. Both the types of ottoman also offer more storage space.

5. Oval: Offering the width to offer place to more than one person at a time, these ottomans are not only functional but are visually appealing too. These ottomans are the best choice when you are entertaining guests and need extra seating space.

6.Round: From offering sufficient seating space to being the center piece of any living room, the round ottoman can server many purposes. It can be used a center table or a coffee table or for offering extra sitting space to your guests.

7.Novelty: Constructed in an inverse pyramid shape, this type of ottoman sits on a single platform and offers an uplifted feel. Modern, stylish and comfortable, this type of ottoman is perfect to complement your modern interiors and can be placed anywhere to add color and style to the décor.

Ottomans can be paired with anything from sofas to dining tables to coffee tables to bed and placing a wrong shape ottoman can make your interior look ugly. So before selecting an ottoman for your house, do your look for the best shape, design and material.

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