Bug Attack? Save your Rugs from Bugs

A rug might survive anything as big as an earthquake, but even one small single bug or insect can cause enough damage to spoil your precious rug. Bugs thrive in rug fibers especially wool and cotton fibers and can ruin your expensive rug within a few days.


There are mainly two types of insects that damage a rug: moths and carpet beetles. They have the uncanny ability to tatter your expensive investment into ruins. These little creatures get naturally attracted towards dust and other contaminants that cling to the fabric of the rug and form a layer.

How to identify a Bug

Check your rug on a regular basis to see if it has been attacked by the bugs. Check your house, especially open windows, attics and chimneys because moths and beetles stay in small dark spaces where they can lay eggs. So if you see a bug in house then tackle them right away before they reach your rug.

Tip: Don’t mop or sweep the floor having bugs, this will spread their larvae or eggs everywhere. Always vacuum the rug to get rid of rugs.

Prevent a Bug Attack: Caution is better than Cure

– Washing:

Rugs, under normal use, mush be washed once a year. If you are trying to avoid bugs send your rug to a rug cleaning plant instead of doing surface washing at home. Avoiding cleaning of a rug for more than 2 years will invite bugs and insects to invade the rug. Washing dislodges bug activity and discards it.


– Regular Vacuuming:

Try to vacuum your rug regularly or at least twice a week depending on the footfall traffic. Buy a vacuum cleaner that can be used on all types of rugs, floors or carpets.

Maid Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

– Proper storage:

Before storing it, roll your rug in a Kraft paper and not in the plastic. A woolen rug can become musty due to moisture absorption, if it is sealed off, so use a breathable material to pack your rug. Don’t leave rugs placed on the floor in the storage area, as it makes them more prone to water damage, rodents and bugs. Make sure you pack your rug off at an elevated place and use a bug repellent spray.

Tips for Bug removal from rugs

– For temporary relief from bugs, use a carpet shampoo from wall to wall. It is better to get carpets steamed from professionals to get rid of bug issue permanently.


– To fight the bugs, sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder or Borax powder on precious rugs for 3-4 hours. Both these chemical powders kill bugs by mechanical action. They have a glass like molecular structure that kills exoskeleton of the bugs and dehydrates them from the inside.

– You must vacuum entire house to get rid of any bug. Make sure that you use a cleaning bag and dispose it away from house so that bugs don’t reenter your house.


– Heat Treatment:

Set your dryer’s temperature setting to the maximum level and move it over your area rug to kill all the bugs by heat action. This is an easy and convenient way to kill or at least remove bugs from rugs. Heat will make bugs come out and run. You can also use a steamer to eliminate bugs and larvae.


– Remove foot wear, books, pet bowls, etc. from the floor to avoid spreading of problem.

No method can guarantee that bugs would not reinstate but above methods will help you stay alert and tackle bug issue before your rug is ruined. Consult a pest control company if bug problems intensify.