Choosing Rugs Made Easy: How To Find Perfect Rugs For Your Decor?

Make no mistake, rugs are long term investments. Choosing the right rug style, which is in tune with your home’s aura, is crucial. If you ever got caught in a situation where you bought some fancy looking rug, which did not look as good as you expected it to be when laid down in home, then most probably you did not follow these 4 rug selection tips.

Follow Your Style

Oriental Weavers Emerson Contemporary Area Rug Collection2

Your home must speak of your unique style and your values. Let your rug just not lie there idle, let it speak your refined artistic tastes. The market is flooded with myriads of traditional and contemporary rugs catering to every individual’s requirements. From colorful floral patterns to solid neutral colors, one can easily find rugs of their choice online.

Choose the Size Wisely

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Finding the right size helps you avert eye sores. For bedrooms, fully carpeted floors work like a charm. Also, covering the area around the bed gives it the much loved aesthetic beat. For living rooms, the layout of furniture is a crucial aspect. The rug should be under the first two legs if the chairs are against the wall, but if they are settled in the middle of room, make sure the rug is all the way under them.

Understand the Color Pallet


The color symmetry of your room has a lot to say when you are deciding on your new rug. With light colored walls and furniture, don’t try rugs with rich bright colors. Go with the symmetry. And if nothing works, you can always go for a black rug. Black has never ever hurt anybody!

Know the Purpose

Cotton rugs

Black or white? Yin or Yang? What will you choose? Rugs come as fluffy as silk and as hard as jute. However, your choice should ultimately be based upon the purpose or the area where you are going to use the rug. For instance, when you are down for some fun on Netflix, lounging around on soft rugs is a treat. Whereas, Jute and a bit rough rugs look soothing in balcony and kitchen.

Huge variety of rugs at RugPal

Surya Caesar Traditional Area Rug Collection

From traditional to temporary, RugPal offers a wide variety of rugs suited for every kind of home. Explore the high quality distinctive designs offered in a wide range of colors.


Fixing the Floor: 4 Rug Mistakes to Avoid

An inevitable ingredient that makes your home look radical and updated is the rug. For a balanced ambience, you must use these decor components in the most effective way. We often make mistakes when incorporating rugs into our rooms, and such a mistake can fully damage the equilibrium and beauty of a room. So it is better if you stay away from these four big rug mistakes while flooring.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Linon Flokati Shag Area Rug Collection

A particular rug material cannot be an ideal fit for all the rooms. It is very essential to match a rug type with a room’s function. In short, a woolen Flokati Rug might work well in bedrooms, while it may not be the ideal floor mate in dining rooms, especially for dinner parties involving kids. Rugs with thicker piles like Flokati are difficult to clean. Low pile rugs, on the other hand may be the right choice for dining rooms, as it would be easier to clean any mess. This will also allow you to run chairs over the rugs. In high traffic areas and kitchens, easy-to-clean, low pile rugs are always the ideal option.

Settling for Small Rugs

Contemporary Ruby Galaxy Waves Area Rug

Sometimes a small rug can damage the balance of your whole room, making it out of proportion. When it comes to a rug, there are no hard and fast rules to be followed. Ideally, the size of rugs should be selected depending upon the furniture configuration and the shape and size of a room. If you want to lay a rug towards the center of a room, make sure you choose the rug that is large enough for the furniture legs to fit into the rug boundaries.

Not Following a Mix and Match Approach


The trick lies in matching. Match rugs with other interior decor items in your room, so that they do not clash. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. Also, try to layer and overlap. But make sure you mix up the patterns like a professional would do.

Not cleaning them after spreading them

Large Room Rugs

Once you buy a rug, you bear the responsibility of its maintenance! Vacuum the rugs regularly. Also, take the rug outside and shake the dust and dirt off if the rug pile is mobile and light enough. Make sure you deep clean it at least once a year. Cleaning your rugs periodically will not only make them last longer, but will also keep them looking more attractive and neat.

RugPal – your Rug Partner

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One of the best rug manufacturers, RugPal has interesting offers on all varieties of rugs, throw pillows and decor artworks. Buy the most befitting, elegant handmade/machine made rug of your choice from RugPal at great prices.

Don’t want to buy an Expensive Rug? 4 Must-Have Contemporary Rugs under $250

Be it on the bare floors of your bedroom, living space or patio – Contemporary Rugs are classic, bold and timeless, an integral decor component that is irresistible to all those admirers of great interiors. People, if you don’t have the money, time and leverage to renovate the floors of your room to get a chic look, then you must definitely try any one of these fantastic rugs under $250!

Dynamics Rugs Loft Collection

Crafted from 100% polyester, this dramatic shag rug is available in 3’x5′ version on RugPal. Not just in photographs, the rug looks amazing when put to use as well. A shaggy pile rug is a must in all home decors. The pile looks adorable with its designs and detailing. This brown shag rug is the perfect accompaniment to any bare floor.

Surya Area Rug Collection


The best thing about Surya Rugs is that there is a wide selection of rugs to choose from this collection. All the rug options available suit every budget and lifestyle. Simple yet pattern wise intriguing, this rug is sure to breathe life into bold interiors. Crafted from polypropylene, this rug measures 5’2″x7’6″. Get one for yourself from RugPal.

Radici USA Transitional Area Rug Collection


This maroon rug is a masterpiece at RugPal. Machine-made using genuine olefin, the rug has the ideal mix of detailing, patterning and vibrancy. The Radici USA Rug can elegantly blend with a variety of interior designs.

Well Woven Ruby Imagination Squares Rug Collection


Classic! These types of rugs never go out of style. The rug gives you a soft plush feel – thanks to its air twist propylene construction. Available in 5’3″x7’3″ at RugPal, the rug easily blends with the interiors of your house.


A rug can add the right dose of charm and color to the mundane interiors of your home or patio. Once you incorporate a rug into your living space, it provides a finishing touch to your space. To amp up the aura of your decor, you don’t always have to invest in expensive rugs! RugPal is the right choice for the most discerning customer. We take pride in calling ourselves the ultimate matchmaker for you and your rugs.