Some Trending Pillow Designs for Your Sweet Home

Beautiful pillow designs are a sure way of uplifting any home decor. When a new group of fabrics and colors are added to the rooms, it effortlessly gives a refreshing feel to the space. The throw pillows are not only available in a number of designs and colors, but also in a wide range of fabric, detailing, and sizes. Here, we present to you a detailed guide, which will acquaint you with the trending pillows designs to choose for your well-designed home. We will also help you to narrow down to the perfect pillow design from a huge and irresistible collection of throw pillows. Let us first detail a few important things that you should keep in mind before buying a throw pillow:

1. Symmetrical arrangement

When you have a number of layering in your rooms for couch, bed sheet, or curtains, you need to shoot for a symmetrical design for the throw pillows too. With different fabrics on top of each other, it would be logical to choose an even design that keeps things looking more organized and refined.

2. A combination of prints

Instead of having a set of Decorative Pillows with similar prints, pick a set of different prints like one simple print, one busy print, and one solid. The busy print should be on the largest pillow, or the one at the front or center. This alignment is preferred usually because the busy or large print sets the tone for the pillow arrangement as well as the entire room decor. Strips and plaids work incredibly well for small print designs.

3. Keep the inside pillows smaller

The visual view of pillow set on sofa with larger pillows on the far ends and smaller pillows on the inside look good. It makes a better sense to add the large (22″ or 24″) on the sides where you don’t need to move the pillow out of the way. Also, a small pillow (12″ ×20) at the center would make the sofa more spacious.

4. Choose the comfortable one

Although the pillows fall under the decor theme, they should also be comfortable to use. You don’t need to pick a pillow that is as soft as a bag of marshmallows, or the one that is packed up to the gills. Just buy something that simply suits your lifestyle.
Since you know the basics now, it’s time to see through the trending fabrics we have gathered for you. There are plenty of options to choose from, consider whichever you like the most.

Daring solids

If your room is full of pattern work like a patterned sofa or detailed print curtains or an interesting rug, you can easily choose a pillow with bold solid colors. This also gives you a chance to use your favorite vibrant color in the throw pillow, which you could not use in the other furnishings like sofa or club chairs.

Three patterns, one color

If you want to arrange the same color in different styles of pillows, pick three fabrics and bind them in your color palette. We have used a feminine floral print in the center and balanced the color of the sofa with velvet pillows in the corner and plait pillows in the middle.

Neutral and warm colors

Keeping the design simple and sober is a decent choice of decor. However, you can always bring a little texture to the neutral color palette by combining two prints in the arrangement. The busy print in Leo brown fabric and the larger buffalo check print in a taupe color gets finally compiled with a solid chocolate brown linen pillow with a contrasting finish.

Simple and fresh with parallel shades

These shades are different; still they have the quieter and softer illustration. For the sofa above, we have chosen the pink and orange colors. Despite of being next to each other on the color wheel, they make up a great pair and complement each other. The small stripes in orange at the center are followed by larger off-white pillows with orange design and two solid color pillows.

When solids give a finish look

We have seen enough designs with a printed pillow at the center along with simpler patterns on the two sides. But, this decor technique that features a solid pillow in a prominent color acting as an explanation point on the sofa set, looks lovely. It is actually worth observing how the blue solid pillow used at the right place establishes a perfect match with the different prints.

Let’s talk inserts

Just like the filling in the sofa is important, same goes for the throw pillows as well. It differs in accordance with your requirements. For instance, you won’t like an all foam sofa if you wish to use it for your priceless short nap. You can use the ideal combination of inserts that is 95% feathers and 5% down. Also, if you want a fuller pillow, size up your insert. Take 22″ insert for a pillow size of 20″.
We hope by now you know a lot about mixing patterns and colors, and are ready to choose the best throw pillows for your home. At, the fashionable collection features a number of styles, ranging from the exclusive ones for big living rooms to the casual pillows with beautiful prints and patterns. Choose your next favorite pillow today.