How to Choose the Perfect Shaped Mirror for your Bedroom


Mirror adds a new dimension to decor of any space. It even creates an illusion of extra space in your room and makes it seem larger. By choosing the right shape and size of mirror, you can add a perfect finishing to your bedroom decor. There are some basic factors that you should consider while selecting a mirror for your bedroom, the shape being one of the most important among them. Let us discuss some popular mirror shapes for your bedroom decor.

Square Mirrors

Square shaped mirrors are usually medium sized mirrors, which can easily be fit into any room. These mirrors give your bedroom a touch of class apart from providing utility. You can also pair two square shaped mirrors together and place them above a table to create an amazing bedroom decor.

Rectangular Mirrors

Unlike square mirrors, rectangular mirrors come in a variety of sizes. These mirrors are long and slim, and add a stylish touch to your bedroom walls. If you place large rectangular mirrors on the wall, they can change the overall appearance of your room in a dramatic way. Rectangular mirrors will help your room appear bigger than its actual size.

Circular Mirrors

Circular mirrors too are available in various sizes. However, a smaller circular mirror can accent your bedroom more beautifully than a bigger one. Many of these circular mirrors are incorporated with intricate frames. These frames are way bigger than the actual size of the mirror, creating a perfect aura into your bedroom.

Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors are undeniably the most eye-catching ones in the niche of shaped mirrors. These mirrors endow a classic look to your bedroom. If you hang an oval mirror with an attractive frame above your vanity table, it will add a rustic charm to the overall bedroom decor.

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