Ways to Style a Rug in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one such place in any home, which faces constant movement of the family members from dawn to dusk. The kitchen floor might be too hard for your feet so placing a rug in your kitchen will offer an inviting feel while also protecting your floor from high foot traffic, spills and daily hustle bustle.

Irrespective of what type of kitchen floor you have, whether linoleum, tile or hardwood, a kitchen rug successfully adds texture, style and color to your kitchen space. Offering the perfect cushioning to your floor, area rugs also give you the advantages of noise reduction. Follow these tips to ensure you pick the perfect kitchen rug to suit your specific tastes.

1. Complement colors:
For a delicate and pleasing look, choose a rug with those color tones, which complement the already existing elements in kitchen. The rug can either complement the cabinets or the stainless steel appliances, which will create a cohesive look in the smaller space. For instance, if you want to brighten your neutral kitchen with colors then placing the colorful rug wither in front of sink or beneath your kitchen table offers a great way to transform your kitchen with just a single floor accessory.


2. Go for weave type:
If your kitchen faces a lot of foot traffic and action, flat weave rugs are the perfect choice for you as flat weave rugs are beautiful and can also handle the foot traffic. These rugs are also very easy to clean as they are available in cotton or easy-care fibers. In case you have tiles in your kitchen then prefer to place a high-pile rug right under the kitchen table or walkways. A thicker rug in a kitchen is also going to provide extra cushioning under foot and will reduce noise too.


3. Runners are not only for hallways:
In a kitchen with long and narrow path, an extra-long runner will be a great choice as it will connect all the important components of the kitchen. The runners provide a soft cushioning underfoot, whether you are washing utensils in sink or cooking at the stove.


4. Consider easy cleaning:
It is essential to choose that rug for your kitchen, which is easy to clean. Flat weave rugs are a practical option as they are machine- washable. Also, natural fiber rugs like sisal, jute or bamboo are easily washable by hand with water and soap and are strong enough to handle daily traffic. If you give more importance to cushioning under feet then wool rugs will work best for you. As wool is naturally resistant to water and stains, it holds up well against spills.


5. Allow patterns to play with each other:
Do you have bold tiles or flooring in your kitchen? Do not hesitate to add more patterns and add a rug with geometric tones, which will warm up the space and will add fun to your kitchen flooring too.


6. Think about safety:
In case you have slippery flooring like tiles on your kitchen floor, there are many options, which can prevent slip and fall accidents. Choose a rug with a non-slip backing so that the rug stays in place even at the time of heavy foot traffic. You can also choose a rug pad that will keep rugs in place but for more safety you should choose a non-slip rug pad. Choosing any type of rug pad will reduce noise, wear and tear and will add extra comfort.


Finding a perfect kitchen rug will give your kitchen the inviting feel of a gathering space while protecting floors from high foot traffic. Your kitchen is a frequently visited place and should be given as much importance as other rooms in the house while choosing rugs and other accessories.