Why You Should Use a Braided Rug In Your Home?

No other rug can match the unique beauty and style carried by a braided rug. The woven strands of the braided rug create an eye-pleasing spectacle. While other rug styles have come and gone, braided rug is one style that remains a highly popular, versatile rug option, which is perfect for just about any type of home decor and complements your modern lifestyle well. You cannot go wrong when you style your living room, bedroom or even kitchen with a braided rug.

Whether your home features a modern or vintage theme, there is a braided rug, which is going to complement your home decor for sure. There are many benefits of using a braided-style rug instead of standard rugs to decorate your home. Here are just a few:



Braided rugs top the list of most durable rugs available in the market. These rugs are high quality rugs and do not get easily effected by daily wear and tear. The best thing about braided rugs is that these rugs are easy to clean and are sturdy enough to handle heavy foot traffic. They also add a distinct elegance and class to your home decor.

Classic Style:


Braided rugs have been there since decades. Although the materials used in the construction of braided rugs have changed but the basic design remains the same. To offer a beautiful floor accessory to your house, braided rugs are made with intertwined fabric and are going to stay in fashion for many years to come. Designed in classic style, braided rugs are available in many colors, shapes, and designs to suit your personal taste.



Just like Oriental rugs, braided rugs are a great value for your money as when you buy a braided rug, you are investing in a floor accessory, which is going to handle all the wear and tear and is going to last for years. Braided rugs are a very practical alternative to the other expensive rugs you might have in your living space.

Protects the Floor:


You think braided rugs only enhance the beauty of your home? Nah! They also protect your floor. Perfect to handle heavy foot traffic, braided rugs are made from top grade and durable materials. Irrespective of where you place them – kitchen, living room, bedroom or guest room, braided rugs will offer good protection to your floor against wear and tear. Apart from this braided rugs can also provide a good protection to your flooring if you have kids at home. Many a times, kids can leave scratches or spill their shake or milk on the floor. Covering the space with the braided rug will not only protect the floor from more such scenarios, but will also minimize the risks of injury from accidental falls.

Floor Decoration:


When you add even a basic braided rug to your home decor, you create a different decorative style on the floor, which contributes in bringing all the elements in the room together, forming a unified fashion. Braided rugs are the simplest and the most economical way to accessorize your floor.

Noise Reduction:


The padding offered by the braided rugs also contributes in minimizing the sound. If you have kids or pets in your home, which make a lot of noise, then having a braided rug material on your floor will soften the excessive sound.



Braided rug is a floor accessory, which can be used for multiple purposes. It can either be used to cover major rooms in your home or can be used in the areas like hallway, which face a lot of foot traffic.

These are just a few benefits, which are making braided rugs a top choice for every designer and homemaker. You will be going to come across more benefits once you install these rugs in your home. Braided rugs can be as cheap or expensive as you wish to choose. The price completely depends on the size, craftsmanship and the material it is made from.


Reasons why you should Upgrade Your Mundane Rug with an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are very popular and are widely preferred for the elegance they offer to any space. Their hand-knotted construction makes them unique in comparison to the machine made rugs. The colors, the style, the size – when this combo is chosen correctly, the right Oriental rug can give a new life to any room in your home.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose the Oriental rugs to make your room stand out from the crowd:

They are easy to maintain:

Maintaining the beauty of a rug can be a difficult task as you have to vacuum, steam clean or even rub the stains off from the rug. You might need a professional help and this process can turn out to be really expensive. But the good thing about an oriental rug is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. You just need to take the rug outside, hang it over the fence and beat the dirt out. It is recommended that you clean the rug at least once every year, even if the rug does not seem to be dirty.


They last a lifetime:

There is a reason why the rug owned by your grandfather still exists. Oriental rugs are cherished for years, all thanks to their high quality construction, which makes them durable enough to handle all the wear and tear. Oriental rugs are basically an investment, which gets passed down through generations and hold a sentimental value.

They never go out of style:


No two oriental rugs are similar to each other as each rug is uniquely hand woven. Oriental rugs reflect traditional colors and designs that have been appreciated for years and once you invest in an oriental rug you don’t have to worry about if it is in fashion or not. The best thing about oriental rugs is that they have intricate patterns and vibrant colors that never fade and also complement the overall decor of your room.

They are well constructed:

Oriental rugs are usually made of wool and silk and that is why their value increases over time. Hand knotted oriental rugs don’t shed, rip or tear like hand-tufted or machine made rugs. Known for their originality and durability, the oriental rugs are made with high quality, natural materials.

They are pleasing to look at:


As oriental rugs are beautifully designed and are woven by hands, they are more unique than machine-made rugs. Oriental rugs not only set the tone of the room but also provide gorgeous artistry when given a close look. Like any work of art, a high-quality oriental rug when displayed in a room will grab all the attention.

They prove to be a good investment:

If cared properly, any oriental rug is going to last for centuries. After surviving for 30-70 years, the value of an oriental rug will increase and the rugs which survive over 100 years qualify as an antique rug.

They have a rich history:


Unlike contemporary rugs, oriental rugs are classic and feature a rich history. Each Oriental rug has a story behind it and signifies stories of people who produced them using those symbols and colors.

They are very soft to touch:

Unlike other rugs like machine-made or synthetic rugs, oriental rugs are very plush and soft to touch. Oriental rugs are made of wool but some very plush oriental rugs are from the mixture of wool and silk and add to the gorgeous texture of the rug.

They are eco- friendly:


When compared to the synthetic rugs oriental rugs are safer for the environment. As these rugs are made of all-natural materials and dyes, they do not release any toxins. Oriental rugs are usually made of wool and like other machine-made rugs they are not highly flammable.

They are a status symbol:

Oriental rugs are admired by every designer, decorator or homemaker. When you display an oriental rug in your house, you are showing your class and dedication to your home environment. Investing in an oriental rug is going to make an impression on your guests over years.


Owning an Oriental rug shows your desire to put in the time and effort into making your home. They are great conversation starters and an art investment that adds character to any room.

Ways to Style a Rug in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one such place in any home, which faces constant movement of the family members from dawn to dusk. The kitchen floor might be too hard for your feet so placing a rug in your kitchen will offer an inviting feel while also protecting your floor from high foot traffic, spills and daily hustle bustle.

Irrespective of what type of kitchen floor you have, whether linoleum, tile or hardwood, a kitchen rug successfully adds texture, style and color to your kitchen space. Offering the perfect cushioning to your floor, area rugs also give you the advantages of noise reduction. Follow these tips to ensure you pick the perfect kitchen rug to suit your specific tastes.

1. Complement colors:
For a delicate and pleasing look, choose a rug with those color tones, which complement the already existing elements in kitchen. The rug can either complement the cabinets or the stainless steel appliances, which will create a cohesive look in the smaller space. For instance, if you want to brighten your neutral kitchen with colors then placing the colorful rug wither in front of sink or beneath your kitchen table offers a great way to transform your kitchen with just a single floor accessory.


2. Go for weave type:
If your kitchen faces a lot of foot traffic and action, flat weave rugs are the perfect choice for you as flat weave rugs are beautiful and can also handle the foot traffic. These rugs are also very easy to clean as they are available in cotton or easy-care fibers. In case you have tiles in your kitchen then prefer to place a high-pile rug right under the kitchen table or walkways. A thicker rug in a kitchen is also going to provide extra cushioning under foot and will reduce noise too.


3. Runners are not only for hallways:
In a kitchen with long and narrow path, an extra-long runner will be a great choice as it will connect all the important components of the kitchen. The runners provide a soft cushioning underfoot, whether you are washing utensils in sink or cooking at the stove.


4. Consider easy cleaning:
It is essential to choose that rug for your kitchen, which is easy to clean. Flat weave rugs are a practical option as they are machine- washable. Also, natural fiber rugs like sisal, jute or bamboo are easily washable by hand with water and soap and are strong enough to handle daily traffic. If you give more importance to cushioning under feet then wool rugs will work best for you. As wool is naturally resistant to water and stains, it holds up well against spills.


5. Allow patterns to play with each other:
Do you have bold tiles or flooring in your kitchen? Do not hesitate to add more patterns and add a rug with geometric tones, which will warm up the space and will add fun to your kitchen flooring too.


6. Think about safety:
In case you have slippery flooring like tiles on your kitchen floor, there are many options, which can prevent slip and fall accidents. Choose a rug with a non-slip backing so that the rug stays in place even at the time of heavy foot traffic. You can also choose a rug pad that will keep rugs in place but for more safety you should choose a non-slip rug pad. Choosing any type of rug pad will reduce noise, wear and tear and will add extra comfort.


Finding a perfect kitchen rug will give your kitchen the inviting feel of a gathering space while protecting floors from high foot traffic. Your kitchen is a frequently visited place and should be given as much importance as other rooms in the house while choosing rugs and other accessories.