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Choosing Rugs Made Easy: How To Find Perfect Rugs For Your Decor?

Make no mistake, rugs are long term investments. Choosing the right rug style, which is in tune with your home’s aura, is crucial. If you ever got caught in a situation where you bought some fancy looking rug, which did not look as good as you expected it to be when laid down in home, then most probably you did not follow these 4 rug selection tips.

Follow Your Style

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Your home must speak of your unique style and your values. Let your rug just not lie there idle, let it speak your refined artistic tastes. The market is flooded with myriads of traditional and contemporary rugs catering to every individual’s requirements. From colorful floral patterns to solid neutral colors, one can easily find rugs of their choice online.

Choose the Size Wisely

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Finding the right size helps you avert eye sores. For bedrooms, fully carpeted floors work like a charm. Also, covering the area around the bed gives it the much loved aesthetic beat. For living rooms, the layout of furniture is a crucial aspect. The rug should be under the first two legs if the chairs are against the wall, but if they are settled in the middle of room, make sure the rug is all the way under them.

Understand the Color Pallet


The color symmetry of your room has a lot to say when you are deciding on your new rug. With light colored walls and furniture, don’t try rugs with rich bright colors. Go with the symmetry. And if nothing works, you can always go for a black rug. Black has never ever hurt anybody!

Know the Purpose

Cotton rugs

Black or white? Yin or Yang? What will you choose? Rugs come as fluffy as silk and as hard as jute. However, your choice should ultimately be based upon the purpose or the area where you are going to use the rug. For instance, when you are down for some fun on Netflix, lounging around on soft rugs is a treat. Whereas, Jute and a bit rough rugs look soothing in balcony and kitchen.

Huge variety of rugs at RugPal

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How to Choose the Best Rug Material for Different Living Spaces?

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The material should be the first thing to cross your mind if you are looking to buy rugs online. The rugs are highly classified on the stuff they are weaved from. What is durable for bedrooms is not for your living room. And the look you want from your rug in kitchen is not at all what you desire for your front porch. Here is a quick insight into the rug’s fiber DNA.

Woolen Rugs

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These are pretty cozy and warm. Their strain resistant properties make them durable and good choice for high traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. But humid areas are their weakness. Ensure regular cleaning along with occasional dry cleaning and they are good to go.

Silk rugs

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These are super soft and have a lustrous appearance, which makes them an ideal choice for bedrooms for creating a luxurious ambience. They give off a velvety look and are predominantly suited for low traffic areas. Just like their woolen counterparts, these too are no friends of damped places.

Cotton rugs

Cotton rugs
Cotton rugs fall in the category of those few rugs, which put words like strong and soft in the same sentence for their description. They are washable by hand and are very easy to take care of. Cotton area rugs are highly suitable for kitchen and kids’ room. However, they can catch dust easily so a regular vacuuming would be imperative.

Bamboo rugs

Premier environmental
If you are looking to give a wooden mat look to your floors, go for a bamboo rug. These might not be the softest of the rugs you have set foot on but they have different characteristics altogether. They are eco-friendly, strong and need low maintenance, which makes them a viable option for high traffic areas like front doors, receptions, entrances etc.

Synthetic rugs

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Usually made from Nylon and engineered to create the natural material appeal, they have all the goodness of natural fibers plus they are fit for damped areas, which is a shortcoming of most natural rugs. Moreover, synthetic rugs are soft and wear-and-tear resistant and effortlessly create modern aesthetic look. Great for high traffic areas like outdoors, they also won’t burn holes in your pockets like the silk rugs.

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