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Tips to Find the Perfect Rug for the Dining Room

Finding a dining room rug which is both stylish and practical is not an easy job. Too small rugs can mar the look of chairs and rugs while a fluffy pile can trap crumbs from the table, leading to a messy look. A good rug can bring texture, color, style and warmth to the dining area. Read on to know how to choose the right rug for your beautiful dining rugs.

1.Choose one with a big size

A dining area rug should extend at least 50-60 cm on all sides of the dining table. This will not only exude grandness but will also prevent guests from tripping over the rug while pulling out chairs. A rug with wide border is even better.

2. Pick a Short-Pile or Flat Weave Rug

In a dining room, spill are unavoidable. And the ease with which you can pull a chair, the better. Often short-pile rugs or flat weave rugs are an ideal choice for your dining areas. Save your shag rugs or other thick, fluffy rugs for living room, where they will require less maintenance.

3. Be Careful about Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs do look tempting for a dining area. With their great texture, affordable prices and classic look, natural fiber rugs, like jute, sisal and seagrass can instantly add charm to your dining spaces. However, where rugs of cotton and wool are easy to clean, these natural fiber materials can prove trickier. The key lies in the rug texture. The smoother and finer it would be, easier will be its cleaning. So be very careful while going for a natural fiber rug.


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Choosing rugs for your dining room can be tricky. On one hand you want to keep style in place and on the other hand, you want it to have all the practicality a dining rug should have, from easy maintenance to smooth walkability. This blog discusses about some pointers you should consider before zeroing on the rug for your eating area.


Rug Facts: Things you didn’t know About Overdyed Rugs

In the recent years, old rugs have been given a makeover by over dyeing them to complement the modern decor.


Overdyed rugs are gaining a lot of popularity these days. This dyeing process not only provides a new life to the battered rug but also adds vivacious colors to the dull rug, while still maintaining the timeless class of an original handcrafted piece of art. As overdyeing is mainly carried out on the rugs which are faded or worn out, so this recycling helps in preserving these traditional treasures.

What type of rugs can be overdyed?


Only antique wool hand-knotted rugs can be over dyed, as these rugs are woven by a skilled artisan on a specially designed loom, wherein every individual knot is tied by hand. Every hand-knotted rug is a handcrafted piece that is durable enough to withstand the over dyeing technique.

What types of rugs can’t be overdyed?


The rugs that cannot be overdyed are hand-tufted and synthetic rugs. A hand-tufted rug is made by punching a design into a stenciled canvas and after that a fabric backing is glued at the back in order to hold the rug together, and finally a fringe is sewn or glued to appear hand knotted. This technique cannot resist the dye retaining process.

Synthetic rugs made of polypropylene, nylon, or acrylic, are basically made with plastic backing and they cannot retain any dye.

How should you clean your overdyed rug?


You should clean an overdyed rug in exactly the same way you clean any other woolen rug. If your overdyed rug is made using proper methods, you will not have to worry about bleeding of colors. Dab the solution of white vinegar and mild soap on the rug. Do not rub the solution, just dab it as rubbing can damage the rug. Vacuum the rug using a vacuum cleaner, which does not consist of a beater bar as beater bar is too powerful and might pull off the rug fibers.


Over Dyed rugs are a great way to bring a pop of color into a room with a neutral color palette or you can also match the rug with other elements of the room. They go really well with your modern decor and the traditional pattern gives a classic hint to your decor.


Why You Should Use a Braided Rug In Your Home?

No other rug can match the unique beauty and style carried by a braided rug. The woven strands of the braided rug create an eye-pleasing spectacle. While other rug styles have come and gone, braided rug is one style that remains a highly popular, versatile rug option, which is perfect for just about any type of home decor and complements your modern lifestyle well. You cannot go wrong when you style your living room, bedroom or even kitchen with a braided rug.

Whether your home features a modern or vintage theme, there is a braided rug, which is going to complement your home decor for sure. There are many benefits of using a braided-style rug instead of standard rugs to decorate your home. Here are just a few:



Braided rugs top the list of most durable rugs available in the market. These rugs are high quality rugs and do not get easily effected by daily wear and tear. The best thing about braided rugs is that these rugs are easy to clean and are sturdy enough to handle heavy foot traffic. They also add a distinct elegance and class to your home decor.

Classic Style:


Braided rugs have been there since decades. Although the materials used in the construction of braided rugs have changed but the basic design remains the same. To offer a beautiful floor accessory to your house, braided rugs are made with intertwined fabric and are going to stay in fashion for many years to come. Designed in classic style, braided rugs are available in many colors, shapes, and designs to suit your personal taste.



Just like Oriental rugs, braided rugs are a great value for your money as when you buy a braided rug, you are investing in a floor accessory, which is going to handle all the wear and tear and is going to last for years. Braided rugs are a very practical alternative to the other expensive rugs you might have in your living space.

Protects the Floor:


You think braided rugs only enhance the beauty of your home? Nah! They also protect your floor. Perfect to handle heavy foot traffic, braided rugs are made from top grade and durable materials. Irrespective of where you place them – kitchen, living room, bedroom or guest room, braided rugs will offer good protection to your floor against wear and tear. Apart from this braided rugs can also provide a good protection to your flooring if you have kids at home. Many a times, kids can leave scratches or spill their shake or milk on the floor. Covering the space with the braided rug will not only protect the floor from more such scenarios, but will also minimize the risks of injury from accidental falls.

Floor Decoration:


When you add even a basic braided rug to your home decor, you create a different decorative style on the floor, which contributes in bringing all the elements in the room together, forming a unified fashion. Braided rugs are the simplest and the most economical way to accessorize your floor.

Noise Reduction:


The padding offered by the braided rugs also contributes in minimizing the sound. If you have kids or pets in your home, which make a lot of noise, then having a braided rug material on your floor will soften the excessive sound.



Braided rug is a floor accessory, which can be used for multiple purposes. It can either be used to cover major rooms in your home or can be used in the areas like hallway, which face a lot of foot traffic.

These are just a few benefits, which are making braided rugs a top choice for every designer and homemaker. You will be going to come across more benefits once you install these rugs in your home. Braided rugs can be as cheap or expensive as you wish to choose. The price completely depends on the size, craftsmanship and the material it is made from.

Rug Trends that will rule 2017

Rug market is continually expanding and with its rapid growth, the styles, colors, trends, and patterns of rugs are also changing. New rug patterns have the ability to dramatically modify the appearance of any interior settings and give a new dimension to it. The rich assortment of designs stimulates senses and the aesthetic patterns of rugs give a beautiful compliment to any space.


Following are Rug trends that could dominate in 2017:

Metallic Rugs:


This type of rug creates a staggering point of convergence in any room of the house. Rugs with any type of metal, from glints or silver or gold to anything you can envision, are genuine masterpieces. Metallic patterns are not just found in a particular sort of rug, rather they are incorporated into rugs with any material. In this way, you’ll see them from solid colored to shaggy carpets, which makes this pattern far reaching and thus ideal for the cutting edge home.

Shaggy Rugs with Traditionally-Inspired Designs:


2016 was all about keeping things as basic as they could be kept. But this year we can expect more texture in the rug’s heap and, obviously, color. In the far off past, hues, for example, purple and gold were extremely famous. It appears that they are having a solid rebound and will be observed in numerous rugs. With regards to surface, the darling shaggy rugs that were in vogue in the 70s will at the end of the day, give an extravagant, comfortable vibe to many homes.

Rugs with Natural Designs:


If traditional rugs are excessively colorful for you and you want something with more neutral shades then you will presumably like the rugs with natural pattern. The designs are taken from nature or real world and are available in different types of fabrics and styles, be it hand-tied or contemporary. With more neutral hues (i.e. beige, ivory, and brown) in the room, the decor will look class apart.


The days when we would utilize enormous rugs to cover the whole floor are gone. This year we would see interior decorators separating huge rooms into smaller segments with the utilization of small sized rugs.