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Ottoman – The Most Functional Piece in Your Home


From being a cushion to your feet, the ottomans have come a very long way and serve many purposes when infused in today’s modern décor. Ottomans these days are used as for extra seating, storage and even as a coffee table. Let us see what are those traditional and modern characteristics, which make the ottomans so versatile and special.

Foot rests:

Surya Surya Poufs Shag Pouf Ottoman Collection

Earlier, the ottomans were designed to place your feet on them and this tradition still remains the same. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you should look for the best option as per your room’s requirement. Find your perfect ottoman here.

Works as a storage box:

Colonial Mills Color Block Pouf Braided Pouf Ottoman Collection3

There are many small items in a room, which require storage space. It can be your old magazines, kid’s toys, game controllers or any other small item. Ottomans with a hinged top make the best storage option. They also work well in master bedrooms at the foot of the bed.

Tuck away seating:


If you do not want your living space to get crowded by the heavy furniture then the ottomans are the perfect solution as a seating arrangement that can be pulled to any room when required. Ottomans that feature rollers or casters beneath make this type of seating perfect while you have guests at home. When you do not need these furniture pieces, you can tuck them under the table or can keep them in a corner.

Can be your next coffee table:

Surya Trail Animal Inspirations Pouf Ottoman Collection

Ottomans are very versatile and in recent years people have started using them as tables. You can either place your drink tray or magazines on them, ottomans can handle it all.


Surya Surya Poufs Animal Inspirations Pouf Ottoman Collection2

Ottomans with soft, skin-friendly fabric can be used as a flat surface for kids to play in place of the hard floor. It can also be used for playing board games with friends.


Ottomans can be a storage piece or can provide seating space and can also work as a functional foot rest at the same time. All you need to decide is the function of your ottoman and what space you will utilize it in.