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Fixing the Floor: 4 Rug Mistakes to Avoid

An inevitable ingredient that makes your home look radical and updated is the rug. For a balanced ambience, you must use these decor components in the most effective way. We often make mistakes when incorporating rugs into our rooms, and such a mistake can fully damage the equilibrium and beauty of a room. So it is better if you stay away from these four big rug mistakes while flooring.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Linon Flokati Shag Area Rug Collection

A particular rug material cannot be an ideal fit for all the rooms. It is very essential to match a rug type with a room’s function. In short, a woolen Flokati Rug might work well in bedrooms, while it may not be the ideal floor mate in dining rooms, especially for dinner parties involving kids. Rugs with thicker piles like Flokati are difficult to clean. Low pile rugs, on the other hand may be the right choice for dining rooms, as it would be easier to clean any mess. This will also allow you to run chairs over the rugs. In high traffic areas and kitchens, easy-to-clean, low pile rugs are always the ideal option.

Settling for Small Rugs

Contemporary Ruby Galaxy Waves Area Rug

Sometimes a small rug can damage the balance of your whole room, making it out of proportion. When it comes to a rug, there are no hard and fast rules to be followed. Ideally, the size of rugs should be selected depending upon the furniture configuration and the shape and size of a room. If you want to lay a rug towards the center of a room, make sure you choose the rug that is large enough for the furniture legs to fit into the rug boundaries.

Not Following a Mix and Match Approach


The trick lies in matching. Match rugs with other interior decor items in your room, so that they do not clash. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. Also, try to layer and overlap. But make sure you mix up the patterns like a professional would do.

Not cleaning them after spreading them

Large Room Rugs

Once you buy a rug, you bear the responsibility of its maintenance! Vacuum the rugs regularly. Also, take the rug outside and shake the dust and dirt off if the rug pile is mobile and light enough. Make sure you deep clean it at least once a year. Cleaning your rugs periodically will not only make them last longer, but will also keep them looking more attractive and neat.

RugPal – your Rug Partner

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Rug Facts: Things you didn’t know About Overdyed Rugs

In the recent years, old rugs have been given a makeover by over dyeing them to complement the modern decor.


Overdyed rugs are gaining a lot of popularity these days. This dyeing process not only provides a new life to the battered rug but also adds vivacious colors to the dull rug, while still maintaining the timeless class of an original handcrafted piece of art. As overdyeing is mainly carried out on the rugs which are faded or worn out, so this recycling helps in preserving these traditional treasures.

What type of rugs can be overdyed?


Only antique wool hand-knotted rugs can be over dyed, as these rugs are woven by a skilled artisan on a specially designed loom, wherein every individual knot is tied by hand. Every hand-knotted rug is a handcrafted piece that is durable enough to withstand the over dyeing technique.

What types of rugs can’t be overdyed?


The rugs that cannot be overdyed are hand-tufted and synthetic rugs. A hand-tufted rug is made by punching a design into a stenciled canvas and after that a fabric backing is glued at the back in order to hold the rug together, and finally a fringe is sewn or glued to appear hand knotted. This technique cannot resist the dye retaining process.

Synthetic rugs made of polypropylene, nylon, or acrylic, are basically made with plastic backing and they cannot retain any dye.

How should you clean your overdyed rug?


You should clean an overdyed rug in exactly the same way you clean any other woolen rug. If your overdyed rug is made using proper methods, you will not have to worry about bleeding of colors. Dab the solution of white vinegar and mild soap on the rug. Do not rub the solution, just dab it as rubbing can damage the rug. Vacuum the rug using a vacuum cleaner, which does not consist of a beater bar as beater bar is too powerful and might pull off the rug fibers.


Over Dyed rugs are a great way to bring a pop of color into a room with a neutral color palette or you can also match the rug with other elements of the room. They go really well with your modern decor and the traditional pattern gives a classic hint to your decor.


Stay trendy with different styles of Rugs

Rugs are perfect solution to add comfort, luxury and color to your floors. They give a new life to any hallway, living room or bed room. Varieties of rugs are available in market with different styles but choosing the right style of rug is crucial for best results. On that note, have a look at the trendy rugs and add a touch of style to your home interior by adding the perfect style of rug.

Contemporary Rugs


Contemporary Rugs are best fit for any fine home setting. They add uniqueness and enhance the beauty of your home decor. The contemporary rugs are host to neutral colors and traditional design, complementing the overall setting. Natural fibers such as wool and silk are used in this rug to offer softness and comfort. Choose the design that fits you best and revamp the look of your home setting.

Country & Floral Rugs


The Country & Floral Rugs are reliable as a design choice. They are perfect balance of coziness and chicness, and fit perfectly into elegant homes and country houses. The provincial design patterns and softer colors provide an elegant finish. Find the design for your home and add the country & floral style area rug.

Transitional Rugs


The transitional rugs are perfect floor coverings for your home or office. The sophisticated look of this rug hits the sweet spot between traditional elegance and contemporary cool for perfect harmony in your home or work space. They blend utmost comfort and warmth along with clean profiles and understated colors. Update the setting of your space in a classic way, choosing the transitional style rugs.

European Rugs


Adorn your home with splendid beauty of European rugs. These traditional European rugs are inspired by 17th and 18th century European art and architecture as well as capture the colors, intricate designs, French chateaus, German palaces, and Italian chapels. Fully made with wool, nylon, olefin and other durable fiber, these rugs are perfect new addition that can be used in any room. Create an ambiance of charm, sophistication and warmth in your home with the European Rugs.

Novelty Rugs


The Novelty Rugs are ideal for using in any living room. It brightens the area perfectly and makes a style statement. Catch the attention of visitors in your house and provide utmost comfort with this rug. They embrace art and available in numerous of styles to complement your setting. Vibrant patterns and striking pictures are featured on the rugs to provide an outstanding look. Add excitement in your home setting by adding the Novelty Rugs.


Now you know the trendy rugs to use in your home decor. For superior quality and best price, buy it online at RugPal.com. We are host to a large inventory of various rugs which are available in all styles, shapes, and sizes to complement your valuable work or living space.